Hand balancing

It is one of my newer addictions. There is something fascinating about being upside down. At least I can say “Hi” to my friends in Australia the right way up. I am still a beginner and far from reaching my goal but I will reach it nonetheless.

I suggest these YouTube channels if you wish to improve your handstand game:-

Natalie Reckert

She is a circus performer and a professional in hand balancing. Her whole channel is dedicated to handstands. 

Sondre Berg

His channel also has amazing videos on handstands. 

GMB Fitness

It is fitness channel but it still has some of the best information on hand balancing. 

Tapp Brothers

Again fitness cum parkour channel that has some good advise on handstand.

Some videos that constantly motivate me to push further in my handstand training.

Video by Mathew 

This video motivated me to learn the handstand. One of the best transformation videos on planet earth. The video is well edited and has surreal shots.

Video by Budads Calisthenics

This video showcases the art of hand balancing in its truest form.

Video by Yury Tikhonovich 

I happen to find this video when I was searching for one arm handstand pushup. Even though Yury happens to use some momentum. It is still the best attempt of a proper OAHSPU.

Video by Lusine2001

Lusine2001's endurance is out of this world. She performed skills on one arm for almost 2 minutes. 

I have also created a list of basic hand balances that are easy to master and can be a great party trick. The link to it is here.