Recent Events

Eco Tech Poster Designing Competition (20th April 2024)

On the occasion of World Earth Day, my club organized a poster design competition in collaboration with the Geeks For Geeks Club. As the secretary of the Climate Change Club, I was tasked with hosting the event. The event was held at the college's Innovation and Incubation Centre, situated in the central block on the 3rd floor. The event attracted 25 participants who created amazing digital posters around climate change. The themes were, "e-waste management" and "2024 vs 2040, the earth." The competition included two rounds and a thought-provoking movie screening in between to further inspire the participants. Before the start of the event, I delivered an interactive PPT presentation, which combined memes, humor, and stunning wildlife visuals, to effectively capture the audience's attention and instill a sense of urgency about climate change." The winners of the event were given swags by the GFG Club. Overall it was a successful event.

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