What diet do I follow?

I don't follow any particular diet. All I can say is I have vegetarian home-cooked meals. Also by now, you would have understood that I don’t know much about diet and nutrition. It is something that I wish to learn more about before I comment. Moreover, there are thousands of channels on YouTube and millions of people who will have better information than me.

Do I listen to music when I workout?

I don't listen to music when I am exercising because I find that it affects my workout negatively. I like to have a focused workout that is devoid of any distraction. I also don't like to talk during my workout. I mostly work out alone as it is also meditative. 

But while running, I like to listen to my favorite music. 

What do I wear while exercising?

I don't wear anything fancy while training at home; a pair of trousers with a t-shirt, heck sometimes I work out in my jeans when I have to save time. But I urge everyone to wear proper clothes. It prevents chafing and provides protection. Moreover, it gets you into the groove of exercising.

How long do I wait to workout after eating?

I don't work out with an empty stomach or a stomach full of food. I feel nauseous when I workout with an empty stomach and I feel bloated with the latter. I try to keep a 1.5 - 2 hour gap between my meals and workout. I do the same for my runs also.

But I urge you to experiment and try to find your sweet spot so that you can exercise with 100% of your focus.

Do I warmup before I exercise?

I don't have any formal warmup for my exercise regimen. I try to be active throughout the day. I work out at 8:00 pm and by that time my muscles are already loosened from the day's work. 

But I do have a formal warmup for my handstand sessions. You can find it here. As for running, I start at a slow pace and gradually increase the pace. It acts as a good warmup.

Do I stretch before I exercise?

I don't have a stretch routine. If I feel tightness somewhere in my body, I stretch that body part. I have nothing against stretching. Having a flexible and agile body is the name of the game.

Do I run before a workout or after?

I usually run after I am done with my workout. I find that running before makes me sweaty and affects my workout negatively. I also find that it raises my blood pressure, so inversion exercises like bridges and handstands become an unnecessary challenge. 

But there are instances where I do run before, but it depends on the day. If I feel demotivated, I will likely start with a run because is it easier for me to do. It helps me focus better.

How and where do I log my workouts?

I log my workouts in an excel spreadsheet. It saves me time and paper. It has all the basic features and I am also able to create charts. I find too many features make me feel anxious. So I go the simple route. 

How to breathe during a run?

While running I breathe my nose.

There is a technique I learned that might help you. So as a beginner, your aim should be to keep your mouth shut and breathe through your nose. At first, you will feel out of breath, so reduce the intensity instead of utilizing mouth breathing.

Gradually your nasal passages will become cleaner and more open, and running at a slower pace with your mouth shut will become easier.

Now there is more to breathing than just deep breaths. I call my technique the drum technique. You will take two short breaths trying to fill up the lungs and exhale a long breath. Sort of mimicking a drum beat. Try it a few times to get the gist of the technique.

Also, always do a warm-up of a 4-5 minute slow jog with nose breathing to open up your nasal passages.

What are some of my favorite books?

Convict conditioning inspired me to start bodyweight training. It is a book that I highly recommend.

Some other books that are a must read are: -