Bodyweight Training

One day I was told to sit in a wall sit; to this day it has been my favorite exercise. My love for exercising is ever expanding, each day I wake up with a zeal to try something new. Exercising to me is hope, an uncharted territory that I need to vanquish. 

My Current Training Schedule

This is the general template of my routine. My routine goes under constant improvizations to fit me better. After joining a college, my routine changed quite a bit. It isn't anything new, most of it can trace its roots back to the Convict Conditioning book. 

My routine is brief, effective and trains the entire body. It takes me only 15-20 minutes to complete it. It is highly scalable and flexible. It allows me to train every day of the week. I remain fresh on most days and can push maximally. On the days, I feel tired, I can scale down my routine to my needs. I no longer need to think about scheduling the workouts I missed. It reduces stress.

I still use the Convict Conditioning book's progression chart to keep my workout progressive in nature. I like to work on my form and tension when I perform an exercise. I like to do each exercise mentioned below for a couple of reps in a circuit fashion. As most of the exercises in the beginning act as a general warmup, I no longer need any warm-up for the difficult exercises. I also ensure to do only the warm-up exercises on the days I lack time. It keeps the momentum going.

I have recently added twists to my routine which I borrowed from the trifecta routine in CC2. They don't take more than a minute and are a good lower-back opener. 

My routine has a mix of both isometric as well as dynamic exercises. I like dead hangs, handstands, twists, bridges, and toe-touching in isometric exercises and squats and pull-ups in dynamic exercises. I dropped pushups as I didn't fancy them. I replaced those with handstands. 

I like to hold an isometric exercise for a minute. Once I feel comfortable, I move to a harder variation. I like to do 20+ reps in squats and 5-10 reps in pull-ups.

Lately, I am experimenting with hand balancing and inversion by dedicating 5-7 minutes daily to bridges and headstand/ handstand variations. I am learning the elbow stand and the gecko bridge.

My routine doesn't focus on a single skill like muscle building, strength building or conditioning. It focuses on repetition. As it focuses on repetition, I am able to learn the skills faster. I recently achieved a free-standing headstand. Currently, I am in no hurry to become muscular, I enjoy the time I work on myself.

Do check out my FAQ page to learn more about the routine.

So my training day has these main exercises.


I am currently at single leg squats. I am trying to improve my form and reduce the speed of my repetitions.

1 Set 5 Reps Each Leg / 1 Set 20 Reps Two Legged


I am currently at full pullups. I am not able to do more than 2 reps in one set. I try to do 5 total reps.

5 Total Reps/ 1 Set of 5 Reps Band Assisted

Leg raises 

I am currently at hanging knee raises I am trying to achieve perfect form leg raises.

1 Set 5 Reps / 1 Set of 5 Reps Lying Leg Raises

Push ups 

I am currently at close push ups. I will start my single arm push up journey in a few months

1 Set 5 reps


I am currently at walking bridges. I am quite satisfied with my progress in bridges. I am sure I will achieve stand to stand bridge in a few weeks.

1 Set 5 Reps


I am currently at facing the wall handstands. It’s a long way to my goal.

1 Set 30sec -1min Hold 


I am currently at uneven hangs. My goal is to achieve one arm towel hangs. It is going to take me quite some time.

1 Set 1 Min each arm hold

I have covered my hand balancing routine here.