I have spent a good chunk of my life of 18 years to running. I am running daily since January 1 of 2021 and I am nearing 750 days in January. To put it into perspective I have ran 11.1% of the days I am alive. It is something so mundane yet so unique in itself.

I try to run for at least 20 minutes a day. On the days when I am busy, I like to reduce the running time to 10 minutes. On my free days, I run upwards of 40 minutes.

I like to run an extra 30 seconds to make up for any error while calculating the total time I ran.

2022 had been a rough year for my running passion. Yet I was able to continue with my habit. This little habit has changed me for the better. There have been multiple days where I lost every bit of motivation to continue with my running. I looked at my legs and the sky and committed myself to run for at least 2 minutes.

During my self-discovery, this YouTube video helped me a lot. It emphasises mastering the art of showing up. It helped me to focus on habit-building rather than the distance I travelled or the time I spent. Do give it a watch.