Dealing with Injuries

I have pain in my middle back. It is not one of those good pains you feel after having a workout. It is the bad pain of something wrong with my body. I also have pain in my elbows. This is good pain. It is the pain of soreness and fatigue. I have such pain in my body because of the heavy bridge training I did yesterday.

One way to deal with injuries is to categorize them into good or bad pain. Bad pain doesn't have a proper definition. It just happens. But we can't let it happen, we have to get to that bridge variant, don't we? I know, I know! But as a rule of thumb, joint pain is generally bad pain and muscular pain is good pain.

After categorizing the pain into good or bad. Think about the cause of the pain. Most times it is due to improper technique, due to improper warmup or due to hitting, bruising, falling etc. Don't fret and waste away time. Think fast and take action. Start with the obvious, relax the muscle or the joint. Don't overuse it for a few days. Try to massage the area and apply joint pain creams. Then as time progresses add little activity. Do the minimum to stay on track and remember, "perfect is the enemy of good." Do things well enough, time and time again and you will get that bridge in no time.