Straight Bridge

I will give a long answer so please bear with me. I have divided my analysis into three phases. They can happen to you one after the other or simultaneously, it doesn’t matter.

Details about the straight bridge: -

Here are my few tips on doing them: -

Here are a few tips for this phase: -

Here are a few tips to tackle this phase: -

Reading this you might have understood my love for this exercise. I love it so much that it usually takes me about 10 minutes just to complete one set of 40 reps. I do them at a slow and controlled pace, but you need not do them that way. I find them to be meditative, so that's why they are a cornerstone in my workouts.

I will be happy to get suggestions and ideas to further add to my armamentarium of training ideas. I have attached my mail. Thank you for reading and do reply to me, it boosts my morale to work harder.

-Ishan Mudgal

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